Your address for scalable services.
And a launch pad for success.


The coffee bar is your new office? Oh, please, no. How chaotic. That’s not a collaborative work environment, unless overhearing some guy’s personal life is your idea of collaboration. Really, your idea needs a business address. A quiet place with Wi-Fi, heat and ac, and a conference room. A furnished professional office suite. 

With Office Ours, you’ll get a business address that can be a true collaborative work space that can start with a mailbox. Then grow into a professional office suite. Or into a couple of workstations and a large office suite. Or shrink back down at need with short notice.  Start with:

Your Mailbox

It’s the key. That’s because with a mailbox at Office Ours, you get access to a virtual office as well. You’ll get: an address on your business cards. Credits for time at a workstation, or in an office at need. Even for time in the conference room and all the other office amenities.  All for $100 a month. Make ours your virtual office now.



Your Office Suite(s)

These are made for growing ideas. There are three kinds: A professional, furnished office suite, perfect for one or two people.  An executive office suite, furnished and sized right for two or three colleagues. And a large furnished office suite perfect for a team of four or more.  All office suite types include a mailbox and come with virtual office credits that you can use for time in the conference room or for other office amenities. First come, first serve.  Make ours your office space.


Your Workstation(s)

Get room to think. Your workstation is a cubicle and is available for rent month to month or by the hour. You’ll get a mailbox and time in the conference room at need (first come, first serve) as well as credits for other office amenities..  Make ours your workstation.

Your Conference Room

It’s staged to impress. Use some of your monthly credits for time here. Reservations required. Need extra time? Simply rent it by the hour.  Many of our conference rooms feature a large screen television equipped for presentations, guest Wi-Fi and a large table for 4 to 12 people. 


Your Office Amenities

Essentials really. You’ll get all the basics that you take for granted until you have to set them up yourself. Things like Wi-Fi. IT infrastructure and support. Furnished offices and workstations. Utilities that are on as soon as you walk in.  Janitorial services.  Bathroom facilities. A Kitchen with Cyber Café style seating. A copier and scanner. Office supplies. Snacks. There’s even outdoor patio seating. Make our office amenities yours.