Your IT Infrastructure Service. 



Setting up and supporting an IT infrastructure for a business is not something you want to try on your own. Chances are you’ll get less than stellar results. In fact, many small businesses try to use consumer grade equipment as the backbone of their network. Not a good idea. This can result in high lock up rates and a couple of dozen network resets every hour on the hour. Do you really need more of that in your day? Then, of course, you could spend a small fortune on an outside resource to setup and support your IT network. Or, you can let OfficeOurs help.   

Secure access and support is just one of the many perks you get with an Office Ours mailbox, workstation, conference room rental or office suite. With all Office Ours products, you’ll get 24/7 IT infrastructure support. Your Wi-Fi will be setup and ready to go for you. You’ll have guest Wi-Fi access for your clients and access to the IT infrastructure of any OfficeOurs location at need.  Now there really is no need to buy a cup of overpriced coffee to get Internet access. Thank goodness.

With an Office Suite we can provide your business with its own private network, including tools to access your machines at the office or remotely. Your business can even get its own public, static IP address for a small additional fee.  

Imagine. You’ll never need to reboot the network due to an IT Infrastructure glitch. That’ll be our problem. Not yours. And it won’t happen, either. Our IT Infrastructure is professional grade.  

Here is what we can do for your office(s):
Setup port forwarding to your business computer
Segregate your machines on your own private network
Setup a private Wi Fi SSID for your business
Provide remote VPN access to your private network at your office
Setup Quality of Service (QoS) for VoIP phone system for your business.
Offer your business a static, public IP address (extra charge)

You can move in, get to work and not lose a month of work just getting things setup so you can work. What are you waiting for? Make our IT Infrastructure Services yours. Contact us at or call 919-999-8931.