Your Facilities Management 



So, you decide to go with a standard commercial building. Good for you.  You sign a long term lease with more space than you need. Who knows? You might grow into the space five years from now, right? How come your heart is beating so fast and your sweating so much these days?

Still, you get the keys, you bring in the painters and the carpet people. Maybe you setup the IT network yourself. That always turns out great. Unfortunately, you have to put business prospecting on hold for now. But don’t worry. You found the perfect HVAC company.  A great beginning.

The days start to run together. You clean a few toilets. You call in a plumber to fix the leaking toilet. You miss calls from your most important client because you were cleaning the toilets. On the bright side, you found some used office furniture that you got for a song and you were able to hire some movers on Craig’s list and they hardly broke anything. Thank goodness.

Now, it’s time. You put down deposits and turn on the utilities. Which only happens after one too many phone calls while being put on hold two too many times.  Finally, three months later, you’re ready to focus on your business again. The biggest question is, will you still have one?

With OfficeOurs, you sign a flexible lease, we hand you the keys, you sit down and, you get right to work. Adding offices as you grow or releasing some if you shrink is just one of the many advantages you get with us.

With an OfficeOurs Office Suite
or Workstation, you’ll get:

The mail. We aren’t the only ones who deliver.  You’ll have your own mailbox. Where your mail is delivered to directly, daily. Thank you, Mr. Postman.

Furnished office spaces. If you want. It’s included in your lease. Desk, filing cabinet. Comfy chair.Many configurations are available. If you want to bring your own furniture that is fine too. Check out your Therapist office design, your Accountant office and your laywer’s office.

The lights are on. That’s right, all your utilities are already turned on. There are no large deposits necessary. No waiting. No problem.

Flexible lease terms. You can terminate your lease at any time with 60 days notice. This kind of small commitment is a huge plus.  

Let’s change it up here. Times are good and you need a bigger office or more offices. No problem. Times are rough and you need a smaller office or subtract an office. It’s OK You can do that too. We’re easy that way.

A place to wait. The lobby is furnished (with magazines too). There’s even guest WiFi. Your clients won’t even know they are waiting for you.

A place to meet. Your Conference room is already setup. Big screen TV. Whiteboard. Markers. Erasers. Everything.

Building maintenance, included. That’s different. Standard commercial leases make you  responsible for some or all of the maintenance. DELETE “Unless your business is a property management company how does that make sense?”

The signs are good. The name of your company on your office suite door or workstation wall, you got it.  You can even have your company name listed on the sign outside the building. No permit hassles required. Ask us about it.

Multiple locations at need. You can have access to all shared facilities at any OfficeOurs location. What small company can afford to have multiple locations? Yours can.

A clean bathroom that you don’t have to clean yourself. Your janitorial services include the bathrooms, the conference rooms, the lobby, and trash disposal. Floors are vacuumed. The kitchen is cleaned up. We’re committed to keeping it clean here.

A great backdrop. The landscaping is maintained to keep everything looking professional and tighty.

Free parking. You can have a space. Your clients have space.

Make our Facilities Management Services yours.  Contact us at or call 919-999-8931.