Your Copy Center 



Admittedly, having a printer in your work space is very convenient and safe. And with OfficeOurs, you can have your own printer. Make it a part of your office décor. We don’t have any problem with that. But by the time you take into account all the time and money that goes into dealing with the-printer-toner-is-low-your-ink-has-run-out-your-scanner-technology-is-from 1994-the-guy-at-Kinkos-will-miss-you, you may come to see the value of your OfficeOurs Copy Center Services.  Or at least want to use them if your ink has run out or your toner is low.

With OfficeOurs, you don’t have to drive to Kinkos for color copies. Unless you really want to. Your print center here is ready and waiting. You can copy or print in black and white or color and not have to worry about low toner or running out of ink. All that is managed for you. The perfect way to make sure there is at least one printer or copier that’ll work when you need it most..

Here’s how it works:

Print or Copy. From either your PC,  FLASH drive, or original document.

You pay per copy. The cost per copy is cheaper than a brand name copy center. Hands down. You may even find it less expensive than buying, setting up and supporting a printer of your own. Paper and ink alone ain’t cheap.

You can scan for free. Pictures. Legal documents. You name it.

There’s a HIPAA-compliant shredder. Your privacy concerns are ours. And we take them seriously. Your shredder offers  P-5 level security. Therapists, lawyers and accountants can count on it.

You can use copiers at any Office Ours location. Either Midtown or Professional Court right now. But your locations are growing.

Printed copies can be code activated to prevent documents from just sitting on the printer all day for all the world to see. Again, therapists, lawyers and accountants or any profession with privacy concerns, needs to know this can be done.

Toner low? No way. You don’t have to worry about running out of ink, buying paper, carrying in paper, running out of toner. We handle that. This is not yours. It’s ours.

Print driver problems. No problemo. If you have problems with drivers you call the support line and they figure it out for you.

Your Copy Center awaits. Print at will.  Make ours yours. Contact us at or call 919-999-8931.