Please don’t say the coffee shop
is your conference room



Coffee shop meetings. We’ve all been there. Perspective co-workers don’t believe you have a
real business and walk away because they don’t want to take the chance. Or client meetings that ended with a no because you were not taken seriously. Let Office Ours help.

Access to a Conference room at any OfficeOurs location could be the difference between “yes” and “no” to new business and building your staff with the best people. As a part of the OfficeOurs Co-working world you can have access to three different size conference rooms. 

Depending on the location, choose from:

  • The Small Conference Room. Perfect for meetings of 2 to 4 people

  • The Medium Conference Room. The right size for 4 to 8 meeting goers

  • The Large Conference Room. 20 plus participants

Along with several things you should
never take for granted, such as:

  • Large, white board with markers and erasers

  • Presentation-ready big screen TV or projector

  • WiFi and high speed internet

  • Comfortable conference room table and chairs

  • Waiting area for your clients

  • Conference Room rentals start at $20/hour

  • Printer/Copier/Scanner/Shredder access.

  • Color and Black & White

  • Full Kitchen / Break room with vending machines

Plus these necessities:

  • 24/7 Security Monitoring System

  • Professional Maintenance and Janitorial service

  • Free parking in a private lot

  • Credit Cards are accepted

Conference Room access at OfficeOurs facilities can start with a mailbox rental. Can your mailbox do that? Office Suite and workstation rentals are another way in. And be sure to to ask us about
our monthly conference room plan, too. It may be just right for your business.

Book a showing at or call 919-999-8931.

This could be yours.

The collaborative community that is growing here in Raleigh at Office Ours is diverse and amazing. Local businesses including therapists and lawyers have hung a shingle here. Accountants, tax Preparers and realtors have setup shop and got right to work.

Insurance brokers, graphic designers, small ad agencies, and massage therapists have begun to build businesses. All of us are here in the Triangle and we will grow in the Triangle. We are adding our expertise and know-how to each other. You can get a lot from here. Be a part of something big. Make ours yours.